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The company Ekoenergo was founded in 1995 by A.A. Kovalchuk and under his leadership has gone a long way from a small company to the market leader of water treatment reagents in the field of large and municipal energy.

The company manufactures important and effective products for critical areas providing reliable heat supply and changing the lives of ordinary people for the better.

It is impossible to imagine modern life without the benefits that energy facilities give us, such as electricity, heat and hot water.

That is why maintaining the efficient operation of thermal power facilities is an important and responsible task, which reagent water treatment helps with!

At the same time, reagent water treatment is also important for industry, as it ensures efficient operation of equipment and reduces costs.

Ekoenergo in Numbers

Company Mission

Our task is to create the best company manufacturing reagents for water treatment in Russia whose activity will allow:

Society to boost the quality and security of life for people by improving ecology and taking care of water resource

Clients to ensure reliable operation and efficiency

Partners to achieve result

Employees to develop constantly and get decent appreciation of personal contribution

Company Values


The manufacturing site of the company Ekoenergo was built in Rostov-on-Don in 1995 from scratch and developed and modernized at all times. Today the company provides the development and manufacturing of more than 100 types of water treatment reagents of various composition and purpose under the trademarks OPTION®, EKTOSCALE® and AVAKS®. Its manufacturing potential is more than 15,000 tons of water treatment aqueous solution and powder reagents per year. The main distinctive features of reagents by Ekoenergo are the efficiency, safety and environmental friendliness confirmed by studies.

We do not bring harmful to the outside world and inferior to generally accepted quality standards reagents to the market.

The main goal is to create an efficient manufacturing with minimal impact on the environment and the absence of harmful emissions into the atmosphere while ensuring the safety of working conditions. Most of the production processes are automated.

Clients and Market Share

To date, the reagents of the company Ekoenergo are successfully used at more than 100 CHPPs and SDPPs, 3 NPPs of the Russian Federation (6 units), more than 2500 boiler houses and more than 100 industrial enterprises of various holdings throughout Russia from Kaliningrad to the Far East and from Murmansk to Sochi. Outside Russia, the reagents of the company Ekoenergo are used at energy and industrial facilities of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Republic of Belarus.

The company Ekoenergo is a leading supplier of reagents for critical industries:

- Thermal power engineering (CHPPs and SDPPs): Ekoenergo is the No. 1 supplier in the market of water treatment reagents for heating and hot water supply systems and retains its leadership in the market to the present annually increasing the number of stations using the company's reagents. To date, almost 70% of CHPPs and SDPPs, from the total number of stations using reagent water treatment, use reagents of the company Ekoenergo.

- Nuclear power engineering (NPPs): The reagents are used at 2/3 of NPP units for water treatment of cooling systems with evaporative cooling towers (ECT). This indicator increases every year, which indicates the unquestionable company leadership in this area. At the same time, the use of reagents at NPPs began in 2018 and after just 4 years became widespread, which led to the inclusion of the technology in the design of NPPs under construction.

- Municipal energy: To date, Ekoenergo holds the leading position in the market of thermal power facilities of this type. More than 2500 boiler houses use Ekoenergo reagents for water treatment. For reagents from other manufacturers, it is only 11%, and the remaining part of the facilities uses the original design with traditional water treatment.

The company Ekoenergo constantly expands its presence and plays a major role in the supply of reagents for:

- cooling systems of industrial enterprises. Contracts have been concluded with leading plants for oil and gas processing, petrochemistry and metallurgy.

- reverse osmosis systems of food production. Among the company's clients are food, liquor, drinking water, juices and beer manufacturers.

- steam supply systems. Among the company's customers are large manufacturers of paper products and food products.

The word of the General Director A.A. Kovalchuk

“From the very first day of the company's foundation, I have pursued only one goal, to be a leader company and manufacture effective and important products for critical market areas.

We will never stop and we will always move forward.

We are the Ekoenergo team.”